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tv   Fox Morning News at 6  FOX  November 22, 2010 6:00am-7:00am EST

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secretary of state clinton says she want want to go through a security patdown and even president obama is asking whether there is a better way. and now the head of the tsa is talking about the screening techniques that mean many call invasion of privacy. will there be a change? find out what we can expect coming up. also, a familiar scene. nearly 0 miners trapped, this time in new zealand. we'll have the latest on rescue efforts there as fox 5 morning news continues now at 6:00.
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good morning. it is 6:00 on this monday morning. the fog is the big weatherer weather -- weather story of the morning. thank you for waking up with us. i'm gurvir dhindsa. >> i'm steve chenevey. tony perkins has the weather forecast for you. >> fog is the main story. before a dense fog advisory in effect. let's show you the graphics. we'll he show you the area covered -- we'll show you the area covered by the viewing area. north of d.c., it does include loudoun county, montgomery county. farther to the north, we don't have that fog advisory. fog advisory in effect until 11:00. visibility will be a quart are mile or less in places -- will be a quarter mile or police in places. you have possibly some drizzle here and there.
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drizzle doesn't show up here but it is out there. we all encountered it on the way in to work this morning. fog is your main problem. there are some low clouds obviously. some high clouds as well. as the day progresses, we'll see increasing sunshine the latter part of the afternoon looking pretty good as a matter of fact. right now, current conditions being reported, 50 degrees at reagan national. the fog advisory into effect until 11:00. increasing sunshine as the day progresses. a mild day. high today into the mid-60s. we think about 64 degrees the middle of this afternoon. that is not bad. >> that sounds really nice. >> let's check in with julie and see if that fog is having an impact on the roads. >> yes, i think it is. it will be difficult for you to read overhead signs and see about a car length ahead you have in some places. we have reports of an accident at the end of the ramp from the inner loop of the beltway. northbound i-95, lanes are open right now as you travel north
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of lorton headed up to the beltway. southbound in the main line is where we had the stalled car reported in the right lane. making the trip along southbound 270, lanes are open as you travel from falls road headed out to the lane divide. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. our big story this morning, there is more backlash over the so-called intrusive airport security screening measures. secretary of state clinton says she would like to avoid it altogether if she could. florida congressman john mica says he doesn't like how it is carried out. even the tsa head says there is a continual adjustment to assure the best practices are applied. the jurors in the chandra levy murder trial get back to work after break for the weekend. today will be the fourth day of
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deliberation. the jury sent a note to the judge on friday wanting to know the legal definition of assault. that is important because they would have to decide that levy was assaulted in the suspect ingmar guandique was to be found guilty of first degree murder. the misty of a body found in a box on the side of a maryland highway may be involved now as police arrested 34-year-old march in-- marvin palencia in connection with that murder. last week, the body of jacobo vazquez was found in a body. palencia is charged with first degree murder while armed. two separate stabbings in manassas involving two teenaged victims. on saturday night, a 19-year- old was stabbed and beaten in the 9600 block of grant avenue in manassas. that incident just one day of a 15-year-old was stabbed to death near brent and barto streets. miguel hernandez died.
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police are looking for whoever may be responsible for the second attack. there was a stunning discovery in north korea after an american scientist visited the north and saw # --- 2,000 new centrifuges that can produce uranium. the news grim are by the minute for the 9 miners trap the in new zealand where police and rescue crews admitted for the first time the men may not have survived the blast on friday. toxic gas has prevented
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rescuers from entering the mine and there has been no contact with the men. >> we owe it to the men that are underground that in undertaking the rescue, we to so in a way that doesn't endanger their lives. >> the situation still remains grave. every effort is being made to carity out a rescue. >> crews are drilling a small shaft to test the gas levels. the trapped miners range in age from 17 to 62. dangerous amounts of elements found some some products geared toward children. we have what parents need to know coming up next. the u.s. postal service versus the union. the latest on contract talks and what that will affect the items headed for your mailbox. that is coming up straight ahead after the break as well. 
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making headlines, dangerous levels of lead found in
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drinking glasses targeted at kids. lab tests found some items exfederal limits for children's product by up to 1,000 times. the glasses depicting come you can book characters were purchased at a warner brothers studio in los angeles. they had all been made in shine actual the same afl-cios also contained high levels of cadmium which they say is even more dangerous than lead. contract talks between the u.s. postal service and the postal works union have been extended to noon tomorrow. talks about the national rural letter carriers association ended in an impasse. employees of both unions must continue to work. federal law prevents postal workers from striking when negotiations stall. resident in montgomery county can now buy liquor on sundays. the stores can sell the goods for the next six months on sundays as part of a pilot program that allows 24 county- owned liquor and wine stores to forget the blue laws and sell on sunday. >> i think it is great.
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i think it is great. i wish we had that in virginia. >> i came here specifically to support them on sunday because i understand this is a test run and i bought a little bit more than i usually would. >> some county councilmember think this could pull in another $2 million in revenue each year. councilman george leventhal says sales will not increase. when you picture a k-9 unit, are you thinking chihuahas? probably not. the new police program featuring the little dogs and why officials say it could have an advantage over german shepherds. details on a turkey giveway in d.c. today when fox 5 morning news continues. s the saying "easy as pie," i get it now.
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this is momo. the reason he is important is
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because he is japan's first chihuaha police dog. momo is among 32 doings that passed their final police academy degrees. they will undergo training to become search and rescue type of dogs. they hope that she will be able to squeeze her teeny little frame into places which are too small for the usual rescue dogs which in a left cases tend to be german shepherds. >> a smaller dog can get into smaller places. >> people sometimes think a little dog. >> you might not think that on cops when they send the dog in after somebody. >> a little ankle biter. probably not the best role for it. >> can be an undercover police dog. no one would expect it. >> it is tough to see outside this morning. it will be slow going for a
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lot of people coming in. the fog will be with us for a while. >> let me show you the dense fog advisory in effect for most of the viewing area. not so much to our north but here in washington, all around washington, down to the south and off to the east. dense fog advisory in effect for most of us until 11:00 this morning. that includes washington and all of these counties out to our east. these counties are in effect until 9:00 this morning. but a two-hour difference, not significant there. here, the dense fog visibility could be 1/4 mile or less in some locations during the course of this morning. check out the bus stop forecast for today. temperatures, upper 40s to around 50. not bad as it is a cool to mild start to the day. as we said, plenty of fog. sunrise this morning will be at 6:58. here is a look at the temperatures around the region. we are at 50 degrees here in
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washington. out at dulles airport, it is 47. winchester is 36 as is martinsburg. off to the east, you still see the mild air there. cool to mild, 48 degrees. we do have the clouds. we have the fog in place. not really showing any drizzle but the conditions outside are misty. you could encounter some drizzle as you are driving in. up to the north and west, that is where we have rainfall associated with a frontal system. that will not be impacting us today. that continues to move off to the east today after we get through the morning weather conditions. things will settle down and it will turn into a rather pretty day. so the forecast looks like this. morning fog but becoming partly sunny, mild this afternoon. yesterday, i think our high was about 58 degrees. today, into the mid-60s. 64degrees downtown. not bad at all. five-day forecast, tomorrow being even more mild. high in the upper 60s to near
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70. there will be some scattered showers in the afternoon and evening so it won't be the prettiest day but it will feel real nice. it will be the warmest day this week. wednesday, temperatures drop off for those of you grinning your travel for the thanksgiving holiday. thanksgiving day itself, showers are possible in the afternoon and evening. 54degrees. then the bottom drops out. thursday night, overnight lows in the 30s. pardon me. friday, your big shopping day. it will be cooler with those of you getting out there early in the morning will need a coat because your temperatures early in the morning will be in the 30s. daytime high only about 46 degrees. that is a look at what is happening with the weather. here is julie wright with more on the morning rush hour traffic. >> then you got to carry the coat all the way through the store. >> isn't that i drag. >> more stores need coat checks. >> that's right. i like that idea. creating more jobs, good for the economy. >> tony perkins has got my vote. >> if you are travel ago long
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66 coming inbound this morning out of manassas and headed in towards centreville, yes, we are dealing with fog but we have the delays as you travel between the two 4 interchanges. traffic slows again 50 to 123. we mentioned there was a crash at the end of the ramp from the northbound gw parkway to head northbound on the inner loop of the beltway, that accident has cleared. lanes are open and a slow go as you travel out to the truck scales. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. we have a turkey giveaway that we want to talk about right now which is happening today from 12:00 until 2:00. this is at the greater mount cavalry holery church. this is for ward five residents courtesy of councilman harry thomas. that is the fourth year in a row that this will be happening. all right. get a lot of people ready for the thanksgiving holiday. after weeks of speculation, we
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now know that ireland will ask for a bailout from its european neighbors. the question is how much is it asking for and how will it affect the numbers on wall street. why financial analysts are keeping a close eye on one victoria's secret push-up bra. we'll find out what that has to do with everything economics as fox 5 news continues. ♪
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welcome back. time to take a look at business news. droid phones for a penny? are some of those black friday bargains too good to be true or is this the reel deal? an economic indicator in the form of a push-up bra. lauren simonetti with fox news is here with the business beat. let's talk about what is going on with ireland. ireland is finally saying we do
6:24 am
need a bailout. what is going on there? >> good morning, gurvir. yes, ireland is finally agreeing to take a bailout. we don't know the price tag for sure. it is expected to be less than $137 billion. the irish debt is $26 billion growing. many officials are cheering the news that finally ireland has made a i turn in saying we need money because -- made a u-turn in saying we need money because perhaps this will stop this from spreading to spain. the irish are going to try to cut spending. we are looking at $20 billion in cuts over the next four years. the european headquarters of google, facebook, they are in dublin. so one of the repercussions means the irish have to raise their corporate tax rates and that could send some of these big multinational companies
6:25 am
fleeing. european mark hettes are higher because of new -- markets are higher because of news that ireland is saying help us, we need the money. >> a droid for a penny. this is interesting. i just spent a couple of hundred dollars buying my husband a droid x for his birthday. this is true? >> it is true. you can get four models of droids for a penny. here is the thing. you got to sign up for a verizon contract, a two-year contract and if do you that, you get the phone for a penny and they will waive the activation fee. so we are seeing best buy is responding. they are giving you a droid for $99.99 so much mri than a penny but you can be an existing verizon wireless customer there. >> okay. may be returning that phone and getting the better deal somewhere else. what is going on with victoria's secret? i've heard of economic
6:26 am
indicators in a lot of places but not a push-up bra. >> there is a retail analyst whose name is john morris. he is saying that if victoria's secret sells a lot of push-up miraculous braughs this holiday season that overall holiday sales will be up because lingerie is a personal purchase. it means you are buying something for yourself. you wouldn't typically buy it for somebody else. over past two years, because the economy has been so bad, people have been buying for other people. so mr. morris is saying, if people are -- if women are buying the miraculous push-up bra, we'll see a push-up in holiday sales as well. >> okay. we'll see what happens. thank you much. have a good day. we'll see you tomorrow. a previously hidden nuclear facility in north korea. this morning, tensions are rising. we'll have the latest when fox
6:27 am
5 morning news comes back. sarah is for -- following the top story here in the united states. >> reporter: some people are not too happy about the tsa screening procedures. what can you expect if you are flying this week when fox 5 morning news returns. 
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we are back at 6:30 on this monday morning to get you start for this workweek. news the not so good when it comes to the weather this morning. >> that is because of the fog we have out there. we do now have visibilities reduced to one mile at reagan national airport. four of a mile at dulles -- we are at 3/4 of a mile at dulles. we'll start with the satellite- radar composite. we have clouds and misty conditions. not the prettiest start to the
6:31 am
day and in fact, some some ways, a problematic start to the day with the reduced visibility causing some problems for your commute this morning. temperatures are not so bad. they are cool to mild, 50 degrees in washington. 51 at patuxent naval air station. 52 in ocean city. dulles as at 47 degrees. your forecast for today, morning for but then becoming partly sunny and mild. high today into the mid-60s. so it won't be bad at all. we just got to get through the morning. coming up in about 15 minutes, this morning's edition of ask the weather guys is about frost on your windshield. who gets it, who doesn't? why do some people get it, some people don't. we'll delve into that. >> sounds good. let's get to julie wright and find out what is happening on the roads. >> we are trying to show you what is out there.
6:32 am
if you look closely, there is a live shot of 66 eastbound coming into business 234. this is where we had a crash tying up the second lane to the right. that is blocked off here at business 234. traffic slows again at centreville and again leaving 50 to 123. beltway inner loop, no incidents to report between an -- annandale and merrifield. more slow traffic at the lane divide. long-term construction project blocking the ramp from calvert creek to southbound rock creek parkway. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. our big story continues to be the controversy over those so-called invasive airport security screening methods. >> whether you like it or not, tsa says scherr -- her here to stay and the news is getting mixed reaction from the folks getting ready to travel for the
6:33 am
thanksgiving holiday. sarah simmons is at reagan national with the latest. >> reporter: as the air travel continues to build this week, you can imagine that the frustrations are likely to build as well over the tsa screening procedures, very controversial for some. we've been talking about the full body scan. you have that option or, if you poupt out of that, you have the full body patdown. so some people are saying these techniques are very insaysive. other people say this is just what we have to do to keep the country safe. the tsa chief says he knows some passengers are uncomfortable. they have no plans to change their policies. they say they will try to lessen the trek of those patdowns. we talked with folk here this morning who did have somewhat of a mixed reaction about the screening procedures. take a listen. >> no concerns at all. whatever they need to do to keep us all safe. >> they generally warn you but i think for a lost people
6:34 am
having a stranger touch particularly a woman and her breast area is not something that most people choose and that is the choice now if you want to travel. >> reporter: critics in congress have said they don't believe this is a very efficient way to be screening people. they want to instead look more at observing people's behaviors, also scanning and checking the documents people ned to -- need to get on to the planes. and president obama has said the tsa tells him that these are the only things that they believe are effective in order to prevent another issue like we had last christmas. we're live here at reagan national. sarah simmons, back to you. there was an emergency landing at jfk last night in new york at the airport there. a delta airlines man where more than 200 passengers was headed to moscow when the engines failed. more than 100 firefighters were on stand-by just in case. the plane did land safely and everybody on board was put onto
6:35 am
other flight. an american scientist is respecting he saw a new uranium enrichment facility in north korea. we get the latest from julie kurtz on those new claims by a group of americans. >> reporter: the team was led by an american scientist who toured the secret nuclear complex earlier this month. in a report posted online, sigfried hecker, the former director of the los alamos nuclear lab writes north korea has 2,000 recently completed centrifuges in an industrial scale facility suitable for making bombs. dr.hecker describes his first gripples -- first gripples of the -- glimpse of the plant as stunning. there is evidence of construction in that area over the last two years. the chairman. joint chiefs of staff refusing to detail how much the u.s.
6:36 am
really knows. >> i would say that this is something we've been concerned about for a significant period of time and also penetration of the north koreans in terms of intelligence capabilities is very difficult. >> reporter: the fact that north korea slowed a visiting american scientist the new enriched uranium clearly appears to be a calculated move by the north korean government and new a new challenge for the obama administration. >> i don't think anybody in the obama administration should be surprised at this. if they are, i think it indicates they've never understood how serious the north korean threat is. >> reporter: a senior u.s. official tells fox, for true, this is a provocative act of defiance by the north korean government. the ask is possibly timed to strengthen the communist nation as it moves to transfer power
6:37 am
to the son of dictator kim jong il. washington's archbishop donald wuerl is still in rome today. he was elevated in the church. during mass inside st. peter's basilica on sunday, 24 new cardinals received gold rings from pope benedict xvi. that is a symbol of their fidelity to the holy father and the church. the vatican downplaying poconos pope benedict xvi's recent comments about condoms. he says they may be justified for the intention is to stop the spread of hiv and aids. >> i think that what it does address is an issue of the day without compromising traditional catholic values and at the same time, it understand a changing culture in the world today.
6:38 am
>> i've been following for a long time the pope and i'm in the surprised because he is a man who looks ahead and look to the future. >> the catholic church has been criticized by opposition to condoms by those leading the fight against hiv and aids. it was a busy weekend at the box office. theaters packed with harry potter fans. was it enough to break any records? we have the numbers straight ahead this morning. the redskins and titans head to overtime. dave ross is here for monday morning quarterback on the other side of the break. stay with us.
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gano's kick is good and the redskins win it! >> that is the beautiful thing about football. you miss sometimes, you get that chance and then you pull it off. that is what the redskins did in overtime despite suffering a slew of injuries.
6:42 am
dave ross joins us now for a little monday morning quarterback. this was a chance for some of the leadership to step up in a kind of tough environment. >> did you think he was going to make that kick? >> not after the first one fell about 20 yards short. >> you know graham gano well. he missed it. >> he just -- kicking is not easy to do. it is 47 yards so it is not a gimme. he got too much turf. tony perkins was upset with the field conditions. i think gano was as well. >> but it worked. >> it all worked out in the end. we did see some veterans step to the fore yesterday. santana moss had maybe his best game of the season. we've been very critical of the wide receiving corps here in washington this year. but san tan a you need guys like santana and chris cooley to step up and make plays and yesterday i think that is what we saw. seven catches for santana.
6:43 am
over 100 yards. they only had one offensive touchdown. watch the footwork. this is a great rout but he gets that second foot down like a pro being, like a great pro. and mcnabb puts it right on the money. 376 for don and one clinton portis fan in tennessee yesterday. it was 7-0 when they scored that lone touchdown after a punt return by tennessee. either you go down on the road early. you give up what some people who consider a special teams play and they didn't lay down as we've seen other teams do around the look. >> i thought the game might turn into a little bit of a shootout at that point, as much as the redskins can get involved in a shootout. >> the way the defense has been playing, you never know. how about chris cooley's play. this is the first play in overtime. watch the field get a great open field tackling by the tennessee field.
6:44 am
>> you make it sound like the guy just fell down. >> he could have scored on that play. he is like oh, you got to be kidding me. this was the first play of the game-winning drive. >> let me run a safety into you and see how long you can keep your feet after that. >> 91 yards for the veteran chris cooley. after the game, we talked about it last hour, donovan mcnabb was asked is he in the right place. here is his answer? >> i feel i am in the right place. it is a growing process and i think we are all growing together. i think good things are going to happen quickly around here and you know, the team feels that way. i feel that way and i think the coach's staff feels that way. we have to win games like this. we continue to put ourselves in a position to do that, things will happen. >> he believes he will be here long-term, growing with the team. he is not giving up on this season. he is not giving up on the
6:45 am
future here in washington, d.c. and a week ago, i don't know that we could have said those things. i think it was good to hear from the leader of your team. again, graham gano, look at that field. that field is all of. somebody get a grounds keeper stat out there in tennessee. >> we won the game. i'm just saying it's in the easy. >> fedex field has one. the nicest fields in the league. you think that came into play last week? no, it did not. take the win and -- >> i was just going off with what tony and were talking about. >> last week, they get blown out and everybody talks about the quality of the play. this week, they win and you got nothing to talk about. >> even at announcers were talking about the field. it may have helped cause some of the injuries. that is all i'm saying. >> if you are look at if from
6:46 am
an injury standpoint. i'm just saying you won the game. >> no excuses. we're happy. >> when you win six super bowls on, it you're fine. >> bring it on. >> steve is from pittsburgh, i'm from tennessee so there you go. >> the field is a layer of grass over catsup andmustard. >> hides field. >> we -- heinz field. >> we have to get to weather. thank you, dave. i guess i should say that. one of you should say that. >> thank you, dave. >> visibility down to a quarter mile in some locations possibly. we haven't seen that quite quest but down to 3/4 of a mile at bwi hand dulles airport. this fog advisory in effect until 11:00 this morning except
6:47 am
for off to the east, it is in effect until 9:00. current temperatures around the region look like this. 50 here in d.c. 48 in gaithersburg. 46 in frederick, maryland. changes as we're looking at them. 37 now in mart unsburg. 46 in quantico. annapolis, 48. leonardtown is 48. like to see that as the numbers update as we're speaking. satellite-radar composite for the region. plenty of clouds out there with the fog. we have the mist. you may encounter some drizzle. i hay little bit on my way in but that was hours ago. i have not seen reports of drizzle as of recently but still, you could encounter that. you will use the windshield wipers with the fog and mist out there as well. forecast look like this. morning fog, partly sunny i'm mild afternoon. 64degrees for your high today. that is not bad. it will be a decent day after we get done with the fog. your five-day forecast, take a look. tomorrow, how about this?
6:48 am
68degrees for your high tomorrow. not bad. there is a chance of some scattered showers in the afternoon and in the evening. on wednesday, our day of travel, 56 degrees, mostly sunny. thanksgiving, thursday, 54, chance some of afternoon and evening showers and very cool on friday, 46 degrees for your high. that is a look at the weather. it is time now for ask the weather guys, the segment where tucker barnes and i put our big heads together to answer your most pressing questions, weather-related or otherwise. today's question, i'm having trouble reading the prompter. can you read this for me? i can't quite read this. >> okay. lisa renee writes, for starters, love your show. i think you all are the best. in addition, your show has all the handsome men. i know why you wanted me to read that. >> i can't believe that
6:49 am
question made the cut. >> that is only the first part of the question. we did want to include that. thank you, lisa renee and her daughter deja. they live in woodbridge and lisa renee writes on friday, november 1th, my car was covered with frost in the morning. my daughter's only had moisture on it. both were parked outside the house. why would this happen? how could this happen? one car, frost on the windshield. the other, it is simply moisture. >> were they both facing the same direction. >> she left out a lot of crucial information. >> maybe one was driven more recently than the other. >> that is my thought too. she doesn't give us enough information. my thinking is one was -- maybe her daughter had just come over. that is one thing that could do it. there are other things that could explain it. science maven tucker barnes would like to -- that is not
6:50 am
the ride rite word. >> i think of a maven as a woman. >> tony gets whether or not you should put butter on the popcorn and i get the hard science questions. >> she called you handsome. just answer the question. >> that was sweet of her. we all absorb radiation during the day. we get radiation, all objects do, not just human beings but buildings, trees, everything around us absorbs solar radiation. so what happens is during the tight time hour, that energy is reradiated into the atmosphere. we'll call to radiational cooling. what happens is if your car is parked particularly close to the side of a building, that heat will get radiated to your car. you have less of a chance of getting frost developing even if temperatures have dipped below 32. if your car is up against the house, you will have a tendency to keep the car a little bit warmer. >> one car may have been closer
6:51 am
to the building than the other. it can even occur that one side of the car can be closer and develop frost while the other side just as dew. we don't have all the questions on exactly what took place here but that is the general trend and something to remember if you get up in the morning and you are scraping and your neighbor across the street is not. >> very interesting. >> thank you, tucker. you do such a good job with the scientific stuff. i tend to get lost in it. >> some neighbors an i took a great horse back ride on sunday and they loved your weather guy question from the other day when you all were talking about when we could get our first snowfall. we all agreed later. >> go for later. >> liked tony's answer better than tucker's. >> they did. we'll keep track of that. >> thank you, lisa renee and deja. if you have a question you would like to have answered, go to and click on the weather tab, include all the necessary information.
6:52 am
if you tell us we are handsome, we are more likely to answer the question more quickly. >> tucker, did you ask for this song? >> i certainly did. >> let's check in with julie wright before we get too out of control. >> i'm a little sick to my stomach right about now. all right. on the roads this morning, if anything needed to be fogged over, that was the shot. we are talking about foggy conditions and out to the west, here we are, 66 eastbound coming in at business 234. two right lane citywide up -- two right lanes here tied up at the scene of this crash. traffic slows again fair oaks to 123 and at the beltway, southbound 270 on the brake at the lane divide. let's take a look at the weekend box office numbers. it appears harry potter cast a spell on audiences earning its
6:53 am
biggest box office record yet. >> i say we get undercover before machine murder them. >> they won't know which harry potter is the real one. >> the latest film raked in just over $125 million over opening weekend. megamind came in second followed by unstoppable and then due date and the next three days. i really got this opportunity about a year and a half ago and really was embraced by a man named usher raymond. >> justin bieber thanking usher, the artist who helped to launch his career. the 16-year-old the youngest start to win the artist of the year. this was his fourth award of the evening. he beat out eminem and lady gaga. the night close closed with a
6:54 am
bit of a blast from the past. that is the combo of the backstreet boys and new kids on the block. boy bands joining forces on stage singing a medley their major hits and the groups do have a joint tour planned for next summer. this morn, holly is taking us back in time. >> she found the country store and drugstore museum. we'll check in with her coming up after the break. mamot mayosm
6:55 am
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let's support the small business owners getting our economy booming with the first ever small business saturday. on november 27th, shop small. it's going to be huge. [trumpet playing "reveille" fades to silence] >> reporter: good morning, everybody. i'm holly morris. and on this monday i'm going to say chances are you haven't been where i am this morning. it's my first time too. welcome to mt. airy. we are live this morning and specifically at the wr rudy druggist building which is now a drugstore museum.
6:58 am
we are stepping back in time literally. it's like, say, 1893. this place is amazing and literally tells the story of the time and this morning of course we're going to take you through the museum and see what you can see and see what life was like back during that time frame. but perhaps more interesting is the man behind the museum. this is one person's collection. howard parso has invited us in this morning. we're going to talk about how and why he started collecting and why he wanted to put together a museum. he has an award-winning auction firm. this guy knows how to do auctions so he is well versed in appraisals and everything antique so we'll talk to him about finding antiques, finding out the value of your antiques, how you go about displaying your antiques. and then since he's good at doing auctions, i'm going to see if i can get him to teach me that auctioneer call.
6:59 am
that blah, blah, blah. and we'll get you everything you need to know so you can get to mt. airy. >> i have a feeling this is going to be one of my favorite mornings. and i have to find out why it's call wr rudies. thank you, holly. this morning we want to say good morning to our facebook fan of the day, tracy fletcher, thank you to you. to be the fan of the day, search fork 5 morning news, and then post a comment under tracy's photo. and that will do it for the 6:00 hour. time to say good morning to allison on this monday morning. she's joining steve for the next few hours. thank you so much. coming up, the outcry over the patdowns and body scans getting louder as we approach one of the busiest travel days of the year. we're live at reagan national with the latest. and the big push to travel this week is because of thanksgiving which is thursday but this year it may cost you more to get the turkey and


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